Industrial farming solutions now time really maters.

We’re with about 8 billion people on this world today.

We all need food and resources to stay alive. With the current pace of deforesting to keep up with the demand for feeding all of us there will be nothing left for the generations coming. The western world will push farming towards less developed countries because resources and labor is cheaper.

With this occurring now food needs to be transported around the world via large ships and reefer containers which aren’t environment friendly with transit times for freshly grown foods is passing weeks before it ends up at our stores.

Which doesn’t sound particularly attractive…


We’re with about 8 billion people around the world and we all need food. At the current pace we will deforest the planet very rapidly. are taking new technologies into todays world of farming.


To accelerate the future of farming we need to scale up the output.


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Measurable Impact